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Just some art for friends before the new year starts. Yami no Matsuei was my childhood so I Needed to draw them again.

Bigger version here )
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I am still alive. And I still do art! Right now I'm mostly active at my patreon, so if you feel like watching some videos and coloring some colour books, I am at

Hope to see you there!
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At least the parts I need some help with. Feel free to come with suggestions, Cass. Have I forgotten anything relevant?

CHARACTER NAME: Michaela Hyakuya
SERIES: Owari no seraph (Seraph of the end)
CHRONOLOGY: after season 2 of the anime/ around chapter 42-ish in the manga
CLASS: Unsettled hero
HOUSING: Mika would prefer to live alone, thanks, unless there’s a possibility of living somewhere near Yuu. Which is to say, it would be best to put him with some noisy, nice people so he’ll learn how to socialize. (although living alone would work too, I’d simply work a little harder to make him talk to people)

BACKGROUND: (His wikia is actually fairly decent, so I’m adding it here)
Mika hasn’t had the best start in life. After his parents grew tired of him and tried to dispose of him by tossing him out of a moving car, he was sent to an orphanage where the children were used as lifestock for vampires. Determined to make the best of it, he found a small family in the other children, and, once Yuu came to the same orphanage, he made sure to make him a part of his family too (Yuu may be stubborn but Mika is worse). Hoping for a better life for them, he orchestrated an escape. Unfortunately this was discovered by the vampire he stole the information from, and all but Yuu in their family were torn to pieces. Yuu barely managed to escape, but Mika was so injured he couldn’t go with him. He would have bled out if it wasn’t for Krul, who forced vampirism on him although he tried to refuse.
It went downhill from there. He’s been kept by the vampires, unable to escape because he relied on feeding on Krul’s blood, and he has become far more cynical and cold thanks to his new upbringing. He doesn’t trust vampires, but now he doesn’t trust humans, either.

As a child Mika was warm, kind and strong, determined not to let the negative situation destroy him. He and Yuu had younger children in the orphanage that relied on them. He would do all kinds of dirty work if it meant they got food on the table. If anyone in the family were to sacrifice themelves like that, it was to be him. His ‘family’ gave him strength, and in order to save them he dared to be even more cunning and brave, as long as it benefitted them in the end. (This took its toll on him, but Yuu was the only one he’d let his guard down with long enough to cry, never in front of the children.) It was his cleverness that eventually led to their death: he tried to get them all to escape and they were caught. In his desperation he managed to get Yuu to escape and more or less leave him for dead, and it said a lot about him that he was willing to die as long as he could save at least one of his family members. It also didn’t seem like he valued himself or his own life that much.
The story of Mika was that of a young boy who gradually became more and more traumatized by circumstance. Whenever he did a good deed it backfired on him, yet he continued to do them for the people he trusted. The only thing that changed is that he stopped trusting people once Yuu left his life. The closest he came to trusting one of the vampires was Krul, who fed him and treated him like a pet in a way.
Once he was bitten and half-turned into a vampire, his emotions became a ghost of their previous selves. Because he’s not full-blooded he’s not completely forgotten all his strong emotions, and was continuously tormented by what he saw. During the years he’s separated from Yuu he saw humans experimenting on others and vampires feed on the helpless. He’s moody and withdrawn for good reason (not to mention that he needed to keep away from humans because he experiences the same hunger that all the other vampires have).
Unlike some of the other vampires he didn’t fight humans because of a desire to grow more powerful. He preferred to fight alone rather than trust his vampire brothers. Because his fighting style was so reckless and lacking in self defence, he put himself in extreme danger every time. Since he didn’t trust the other vampires he was seen as cold and arrogant by them, and in truth he was very disinterested in them and preferred to ignore them.
This was partly because he couldn’t bring himself to feed on humans. He hated that the other vampires viewed them as lifestock, but he’s lived with it for so long that he didn’t try to stop it. Mika understood the hunger for their blood more than he wanted to let on, and for all the years after Yuu’s left he’s been living on only the little blood Krul can spare. He’s shown a remarkable restraint around humans on his travels around the world because he remembers how it feels. He’d never violate them in the same way he was violated.
Mika’s one obvious soft spot is Yuu, who is the last one in his ‘family’. He’d gladly die for him again if it meant saving him. His fighting style becomes even more obviously reckless if Yuu’s life is in danger. He cares about him more than anything else. Even taunts about putting Yuu in danger is sure to bring out his temper.

Vampirism: Since Mika has fully transformed into a vampire, he possesses qualities that other vampires have, like speed and agility, the ability to survive on blood, and a sword that becomes more powerful if it feeds on his blood.
The seraph gene: although canon hasn’t specified what this is yet. Once that becomes clear in canon I will ask the mods about how that might manifest in gameplay or whether it’s actually good to have it show up at all.



Mika stopped in his tracks, listening intently. Living with blood-sucking monsters half your life meant that some instinct were better honed than others, and his ability to detect people coming up behind him was unmatched. He didn’t turn around.
«Whoever you are, you can come out now.»



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Hi. I'm Linn. I rp occassionally. I am of legal age.

I also draw a lot. Find more of my art at my patreon!


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